CT Tile

CT Tile is a silicate-based inorganic polymer texture body (Silica consists of 60% of the Earth’s crust for example, gems or jewels like opal and topaz compose 100% silica).

Job Reference


A wide range of colours




Sandstone-like finish

Application Method

  1. Conventional Air Spray : Dilute with 0 – 3% by weight with water
  2. Cleaning Procedure : Clean up equipment with water immediately after use.

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

1.10 – 1.70 kg/m2 (Depending on size of texture)

Recommended Uses

For interior and exterior primed surfaces of concrete, mortar, brickwork, PC boards, GRC panels, wood etc.

Standard Packing

26 kg / can

Interior / Exterior

Interior & Exterior