Cerami-RC FR (Concrete-look coating - more substrates)

Cerami-RC FR (Concrete-look coating - more substrates)


Cerami RC-FR system is a new concrete-look coating system that revives the feel and texture of fair-faced concrete with a unique coating. It provides excellent weather resistance and prevents carbonation. The full water-based system allows it to be applied with a roller which is better for safer for on-site works. 

Job Reference


Standard colours specified in Cerami RC-FR catalogue.



Gloss and satin (30% gloss) 

Recommended Uses

Suitable for fair-faced concrete (new building, renovation), cement mortar, GRC panels, PC panels, and moulding boards, etc. 

Application Method

1) Apply undercoat using roller. 

2) Apply main coat using a special roller. 

3) Apply topcoat.