Sanitect W (Antibacterial Paint)

Sanitect W (Antibacterial Paint)

Sanitect System is comprised of various types of products including acrylic resin paint, NAD type polyurethane resin paint, and solvent free epoxy resin floor coating which are available on a wide range of substrates at internal walls, floor, metal doors, staircases, handrails, etc. Sanitect W comprises of reactive curing acrylic resin. It provides a hard-wearing paint film formed by reactive curing and provides high durability and various chemicals resistance including disunfectant, alcohol, and detergent.


A wide range of colours




Satin Finish

Application Methods

  1. Brush / Roller: For the 1st and 2nd coats, dilute with 0 – 10% water
  2. Conventional Air Spray: Dilute with 10 – 15% water
  3. Cleaning Procedure: Clean up equipment with water immediately after use

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

0.30 – 0.40ltr/m2

Recommended Uses

Interior of hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.
Interior of food processing plants and food catering centers.
Interior of public facilities such as schools, daycare centers and kindergartens.
Interior of restaurants, cafeteria and dining halls.
Interior of hotels and private residential apartments.
Interior of nursing homes and homes for the aged.
(Interior applications include usage on ceilings, skirting, doors and walls.)

Standard Packing

16kg / can

Interior / Exterior