Mirac Shield Nano

Mirac Shield Nano is a nano-size special ceramic particles form a fine hydrophilic paint film, which prevents dust and dirt from adhering. It is a binder with highly durable acrylic silicon resin contributes to the long time high durability and weather resistance. Its excellent permeability prevents paint film from blistering. Thanks to our unique technology, it achieves strong resistance to microbes including mildew and algae, and thus it maintains a hygienic environment.


A wide range of colours





Application Method

  1. Brush / Roller : For the 1st and 2nd coats, dilute with 0-10% water
  2. Conventional Air Spray : Dilute with 10-15% water
  3. Cleaning Procedure : Clean up equipment with water immediately after use.

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

0.20-0.25 L/m2

Recommended Uses

Wall finishing coat for either flat and/ or texture coating for both interior and exterior use on like cement mortar, concrete, PC and RC panels, porous boards, etc.

Standard Packing


Interior / Exterior