A lightweight water-based stone-like sheet material which provides great weather resistance, low VOC and more economical than natural stone. This noise and dirt free material draws attention as an essential one for green buildings. Ideally for internal and external walls

Job Reference


A wide range of colours with granite, limestone and sandstone pattern. Refer to the catalogue for more details.

Recommended Uses

For interior and exterior primed Concrete, cement rendering, ALC panels, PC boards, slate boards, siding boards, extruded cement panels, ceramic tiles, old paint surfaces, etc

Application Method

1. For undercoat, dilute with 0-15% of water and apply with trowel. 

2. Paste and press the Woody Smile sheet onto the surface by hand and roller. 

3. For joint/ corner, 1 coat of Woody Smile patching material is required. 


  • Lightweight
  • Nicely applied to curved surface
  • Super dirt and weather resistance
  • Flexible and can be cut to apply on complicated surfaces.
  • Excellent maintenance


  • 895×595mm
  • 595×595mm
  • 595×445mm
  • 595×295mm