Doden Coat

Doden Coat

Doden Coat is a two-component self-smoothing anti-static epoxy coating. The specially formulated coating will provide specific control of static electricity and Electrostatic Discharge (ESD). The liquid phase materials will flow and smoothen itself before it hardens. The final product is a seamless, hard-wearing and attractive layer that is chemical resistant, impervious and easy to maintain.


A wide range of colours.





Application Method

DODEN COAT can be applied by trowel or roller. First pour the mixed materials on the primed surface and spread to the calculated coverage using a metal trowel. Let it level itself for about 10 minutes and roll with spiked rollers to break bubbles and assist leveling.

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

1.3 kg/m² @ 1.0 mm

Recommended Uses

Suitable for industrial or commercial floors where an anti-static or conductive surface is required. It is most recommended for interior surfaces of clean rooms, electronic factories, hospital, computer room, printing factories, storage of explosive materials, pharmaceutical factories and other factories and locations dealing with hazardous dust, inflammable gases or liquids.

Standard Packing

5kg/ can

20kg/ can

Interior / Exterior