Cool Tight (Heat Reflective)

Cool Tight (Heat Reflective)

Cool Tight is an ideal thermal insulation paint for roofs and external walls. It provides an advanced thermal insulation effect by rflecting infrared rays that emits strong radiation and a high level of heat energy. It is available in a wide range of colors and efficiently curbs intense heat. With the use of Cool Tight, indoor temperature is lowered, thus reduces expense on air-conditioning.

Job Reference


A wide range of colours


Paint Thinner A



Application Methods

  1. Brush/ Roller: Dilute with 0-10% clean mild urethane thinner
  2. Conventional Air Spray: Dilute with 10-20% clean mild urethane thinner
  3. Cleaning Procedure: Clean up equipment with thinner immediately after use

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

0.26 – 0.30kg/m2

Recommended Uses

Roofs and external walls of building.

Standard Packing

Base: 14kg/ can

Hardener: 2kg/ can

Paint Thinner A: 16Ltr/ can

Interior / Exterior