Bellart is a sand texture coating based on synthetic resin emulsion for creation of various texture coating. This versatile elastomeric coating is able to buffer surface hairline cracks while achieving various interesting texture finishes by using special application tools

Job Reference


A wide range of colours




Sandstone-like finish.

Application Method

  1. Conventional Air Spray or Roller or Brush : Dilute with 0 – 5% by weight with water
  2. Cleaning Procedure : Clean up equipment with water immediately after use.

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

1.50 – 2.0 kg/m2

Recommended Uses

For interior and exterior primed surfaces of concrete, mortar, plaster, masonry surface, soft and hard boards, wood, gypsum plasterboard, asbestos board, metal surfaces etc.

Standard Packing

20 kg / can

Interior / Exterior

Interior & Exterior