Arkitight L

Arkilight L is a liquid floor hardener, applicable to old concrete floors with low cement or that are inadequately cured and starting to dust.
A deep penetrating magnesium fluorosilicate solution, Arkitight L is used for sealing friable concrete and masonry surfaces, increasing the top surface density and abrasion resistance of floor substrate.
For new concrete surfaces, Arkitight L helps to seal the floor against grease, oil and chemical spillage.

Job Reference

Application Method

Leave the substrate to be cured at least 14 days. Apply two to three coats of Arkitight L by spray or roller.

Do not be expose to running water for 72 hours after the final application.

Recommended Uses

Suitable for floor uses on concrete, masonry and mortar.

Standard Packing

20 litre / can



Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

3-6 m2/L/coat (depending on the porosity of surface condition)