Arkifloor UT

Arkifloor UT

Arkifloor UT is a pigmented polyurethane-based flooring paint based on specially modified acrylic resin and polyisocyanate resin. As a two component coating system, it is suitable for primed surfaces of concrete, mortar, PC boards. Arkifloor UT coating system is also a protective finishing coat for both interior and exterior surfaces. It is a recommended flooring product for medium corrosion control surfaces such as in car parks, industrial and manufacturing factories also warehouses.

Job Reference


A wide range of colours.


30%-50% with Urethane Thinner (for roller application)

60%-70% with Urethane Thinner (for spray application)


Gloss / Satin

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

0.2-0.3 kg / m2 /coat (Without dilution thinner)

Recommended Uses

Suitable for primed surfaces of concrete, mortar, gypsum plaster, PC boards and GRC panels.

Standard Packing

Arkifloor UT Base : 12 kg / can

Arkifloor UT Hardener : 3 kg/ can

Interior / Exterior

Interior & Exterior