Arkifloor EH

Arkifloor EH

A colour pigmented, solvent-based floor coating system, supplied as two-component in pre-measured pack for ease of on site mixing use. It is designed for light to medium grade traffic and corrosion control environment. Its smooth, hard surface prevents the development of dust from abrasion and easy for maintainance. The gloss finish retards the growth of mould and fungus commonly found on substrate.

Job Reference


A wide range of colours.





Application Method

  1. Application Method:   Brush / Roller
  2. Mixing Ratio:   Base 100 : Hardener 25
  3. Cleaning Procedure:   Clean up equipment with thinner immediately after use

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

0.45 – 0.60 kg/m2

Recommended Uses

Specially for kitchens and laboratories, restaurants, food processing factories, production areas, staircases and corridors, storage areas, AHU rooms, balconies, walkways, as well as vicinities of industrial, trading and commercial building areas with light mechanical loads.

Standard Packing

Base 16kg/can

Hardner 4kg/can

Interior / Exterior