Acristar Lite

Acristar Lite


Acristar Lite is a premium interior paint which provides excellent resistance to dirt, liquid spots such as soy sauce or coffee stain on the interior wall. It prevents stain from penetrating through the film. It even has low VOC, excellent fungus resistant and gives low sheen finish. 


A wide range of colours




Low Sheen

Application Methods

  1. Brush / Roller:   For the 1st and 2nd coats, dilute with 0 – 10% water
  2. Conventional Air Spray:   Dilute with 10 – 15% water
  3. Cleaning Procedure:   Clean up equipment with water immediately after use

Theoretical Coverage at Recommended Dry Film

0.25 – 0.30ltr/m2

Recommended Uses

For interior serve as luxurious decorative finishing for wall and ceiling

Standard Packing

5 litres / can
20 litres / can

Interior / Exterior